Given our principals’ experience, Claritas is able to provide expert assistance to governments and self-regulatory organizations on enhancing their compliance with international standards relating to financial crime and to the regulation of financial services.

Our consultants have experience in assisting jurisdictions preparing for their mutual evaluation by the Financial Action Task Force or their FATF-Style Regional Body, as well as the procedures and reviews subsequent to the Mutual Evaluation Report. Claritas’ experts can provide assistance in respect of both supervision and law enforcement. This combination of skills is unique locally and rarely available internationally.

We can review the regulatory framework, assess internal procedures and resources, and assist in implementing changes that will increase the chances of a successful assessment. We have experience conducting national and sector-specific risk assessments, advising on regulatory and law enforcement infrastructure, advising on human resources, drafting manuals, conducting mock assessments, preparing submissions on effectiveness and technical compliance as well as training and capacity building.

We have advised governments on enhancing domestic and international cooperation and conducted outreach to all levels of government, industry, and the general public. We also have extensive experience in post-evaluation remediation work, at operational and policy levels.